2017 Seminars

Our seminars and talks provide useful information from experts in their fields on a range of subjects.

*New for 2017 – pop up talks* (scroll down for more information)

The final schedule will be confirmed and announced in August 2017.


Free ticket holders will be able to turn up and enter seminars, subject to availability on the day.

For guaranteed access we recommend you get the fast track or access all areas VIP tickets which gives you guaranteed priority access to our seminars. Our seminars are always highly popular and fill up.

Seminar 1: Surrogacy in the USA
Seminar 2: INSEMINAR
Seminar 3: NHS Options
Seminar 4: Shared-Motherhood
Seminar 5: Legal support
Seminar 6: Adoption
Seminar 7: Co-Parenting
Seminar 8: LGBT School Gates

Pop Up Talks

Throughout the day there will be short 10-15 minute talks on the open stage in the smaller room. These are designed as short introductions to different topics and ideal as a taster to see if something is of interest. All talks are provided by exhibitors so if you are interested in what they have to say you can then go and visit them on their stand.

Talks will be added as they are booked in and the schedule will be released the week before the show.

Sarah Holland, Fertile Mindset
Donor Conception Network
Gay Surrogacy support group

In between talks we will have a series of informative videos looping from our partners on subjects such as IVF, egg sharing, legal support, surrogacy and fertility over 40.

Interactive Lunch

Between 12.30pm and 1.30pm, join P3 Network in the seminar room for an interactive discussion around what to expect on day one of being a parent. Hear first hand, share experiences and concerns. This is an open discussion around becoming a parent – whether that be through pregnancy, surrogacy, or adoption.

The cafe in the entrance is doing a special lunch offer on a meal deal including a sandwich, a drink and a snack. Grab your packed lunch and join the discussion.

Seminar Details

Surrogacy in the USA | 10:30am

  • Introduction: parties involved, responsibilities, timelines, checklist of what you need to know and decisions to make
  • Egg Donors and Surrogates: where you find them, screening, matching, anonymous vs. known donation
  • Medical: IVF basics, your role, fresh vs. frozen transfers, role of genomics
  • Budgeting: how much and how to budget, insurance, tips for controlling costs
  • Your Family Story: tips for making this a family story you’ll want to share with your children

This session will provide you with a step-by-step guide organising a successful journey.

INSEMINAR | 11:15am

The London Women’s Clinic’s popular INSEMINAR information sessions are for women and couples who are interested in learning more about their fertility and fertility treatment options including donor sperm.

This session will provide you with a step-by-step guide through the fertility treatment process, explaining insemination, IVF and ICSI, and choosing a sperm donor.

NHS Options | 12:00pm

details to follow

Shared-Motherhood | 1:30pm

Shared motherhood, or intrapartner egg donation, has increased in popularity over the last few years. This programme allows both lesbian partners the opportunity to share the experience with one partner donating eggs and the other carrying the pregnancy.

This session will provide you with information on understanding the process involved, choosing a sperm donor and your next steps towards treatment.

Legal Support | 2:15pm

Your family and the essential law.

  • The legal minefield around surrogacy and co-parenting arrangements made easy.
  • All you need to know about understanding UK law for co-parenting agreements and international and domestic surrogacy arrangements.
  • Case studies and potential pitfalls.
  • Panel of expert lawyers.

Adoption | 3:00pm

details to follow


Co-Parenting | 3:45pm

General introduction to donor conception. Find out about using a donor to create your family, including the growing trend of co-parenting.

This session will provide you with information, hints and tips around finding a donor and deciding on the best make up for your future family.

LGBT School Gates | 4:30pm

details to follow




Speaker Bios

Sarah Holland, Fertile Mindset

Fertile Mindset offers support using the powerful technique EFT. Sarah Holland has 17 years of experience helping negotiate the emotional rollercoaster of fertility issues. She believes it is possible for anyone to transform their fertility journey into a more positive experience. Sarah’s support is available via Skype and phone consultations and within online support groups. After her own fertility challenges Sarah is now a mum to two boys.

Colin Rogerson, Dawson Cornwell

Colin Rogerson is highly regarded for his expertise in the law relating to surrogacy, assisted reproduction and family formation. He regularly advises clients who are undertaking surrogacy arrangements both internationally and within the UK. He is frequently appointed to represent children born through a surrogacy arrangement. Colin also advises in disputes involving donor conception, LGBT parenting and co-parenting cases.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson, Dawson Cornwell

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, QC (Hon) is an expert in the legal issues arising from surrogacy, international surrogacy and co-parenting arrangements. She advises in respect of complex domestic and international adoption applications and legal issues arising from the creation and implementation of surrogacy arrangements under The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008.

Erika Tranfield, Pride Angel

Co-Founder of Pride Angel, the leading parenting connection website for single, gay and infertile couples wishing to become parents.  As a scientist with a personal experience of raising her daughter, who was conceived using a known donor within a same-sex family, Erika is passionate about providing people with unbiased advice about their fertility options. Whether it be finding or becoming a known sperm or egg donor, she believes openness within donor conceived families benefits all involved and ultimately the future children.