5 tips for picking an LGBT-friendly Fertility Clinic

Kathryn Bryant, a fertility consultant has 5 tips for starting your journey to creating your future family for LGBT people.

1. Beware of becoming  just a number

All fertility clinics will be vying for your business.

They invest heavily in great marketing and some have done very well at waving the rainbow flag to get you through the door. Talk to the people that will be providing your care;  Doctors, nurses, embryologist’s. If you get a good feeling/connection with them, then listen to that.

2. Different routes to parenthood

You may plan to start your family a certain way. Many couples/single people start out looking down the adoption/fostering or  route and then end up choosing fertility treatment to have their family and vice versa. Make time to research all options at the show. What you plan for now may change in the future and all routes to parenthood should be explored.

3. Plan your day

When attending the My Future Family fertility show, there will be many seminars and options to book time with the exhibitors. You need to explore and research as much as possible and remember to connect with the people that will be providing the service, rather than the ones that are ‘selling it’.

4. Take your time

Once you are ready to have a family and have made that mental and emotional decision on your own or with your partner, it is very easy to rush into things. Take your time, do your research, speak to as many people as you can that have been down this road. Utilise free evenings, or 1 to 1 appointments at clinics so you visit and get a feel for environment and team that will be helping you create your family

5. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. Get information about options, pricing, do you have a budget in mind? Every person/couple should be treated in an holistic way as everyone is different. What is best for you, may not be for someone else. Asking as many questions and in particular, how they are responded to will be an indicator about the service you are accessing. Be organised, take a list and ask away.

Good luck on your journey to parenthood, this is a wonderful and exciting time.

Article by Kathryn Bryant, Fertility Consultant 

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