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  2016 Alternative Parenting Show

2016 Show Programme

For each show we produce a programme which contains articles, information and also adverts from some of our exhibitors. It also details the various parts of the shows from seminars to networking and a message from our ambassador. Download the 2016 programme and take a look >>>.

Find out more below about who was at the 2016 My Future Family Fertility Show:

2016 Alternative Parenting Show Partners

London Women’s Clinic | Fertility Partner

London Women's Clinic logoThe LWC provides IVF and fertility treatments to help couples and individuals overcome their difficulties with conception and pregnancy. We have been treating lesbian couples and single women for over a decade with more than 3000 women attending our clinics across the UK for treatment with donor sperm.

Website: www.londonwomensclinic.com | Twitter: LWCFertility | Facebook: TheLondonWomensClinic

Dawson Cornwell | Legal Partner

This user friendly divorce and family law firm has a team of lawyers who are widely acknowledged as experts in the legal issues surrounding the creation of families by alternative means.  They advise and represent couples and single parents, in the UK and internationally. Their knowledge and experience cover all areas of law arising from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 including international and domestic surrogacy, donor conception, LGBT parenting and co-parenting as well as domestic and international adoption.

CSP & California Fertility Partners | Surrogacy Partner

The Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. (CSP) and California Fertility Partners – Dr. Guy Ringler, Board Certified Physician in both Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, provide family building options for intended parents who need the help of a surrogate mom. International babies born through our program enjoy American citizenship along with their parents’ country of origin citizenship. It is our privilege and our honor to help intended parents create the families they so deeply desire. Our goal is to successfully bring new babies into the loving arms of their parents. | www.creatingfamilies.com

2016 Alternative Parenting Show Exhibitors

CARE Fertility | 2016 Alternative Family Week Sponsor

CARE Fertility logoOur expertise and experience is unparalleled. We have been making babies for over 20 years – with over 20,000  CARE babies born so far. If you are looking for discretion, privacy and support with the best in bespoke fertility treatment, call CARE London – or visit us at the show. What matters to us is that all our patients receive quality individualised care for the best outcome possible. The reassurance of a world-class clinic, combined with boutique – style care. | www.carefertility.com
CREATE Fertility

CREATE Fertility are the pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF in the UK. Our approach to fertility treatment is friendlier to your body, is focused on producing higher quality eggs and embryos, is safer than conventional methods and more affordable. We achieve excellent success rates and will personalise treatment to give you the best chance of conceiving. | www.createhealth.org

The Lister Clinic

The Lister Fertility Clinic is widely recognised as one of the leading fertility treatment centres in the UK. The clinic was established in 1988 and since opening, it has maintained its reputation as one of the most successful IVF clinics in the UK with over 15,500 “Lister” babies born. We offer a comprehensive range of fertility treatments and investigations. | http://ivf.org.uk

European Sperm Bank

European Sperm Bank logoEuropean Sperm Bank provides patients with donor choices.

They select donors very carefully and use industry-leading donor screening procedures strictly in line with EU regulations. | www.europeanspermbank.com


Cryos International

At Cryos we take great pride in not only being the world’s largest sperm bank, but also in having the largest selection of donors, free-of-charge access to our expansive online donor search, as well as not charging a pregnancy slot fee. With more than 25 years of experience, we have grown to have a donor selection of more than 400 Anonymous & Non-Anonymous donors, who either have basic or extended profiles for you to browse. Furthermore, we boast the highest number of registered pregnancies in the world, giving you the peace of mind when it comes to selecting the perfect donor for you and your family. | http://dk.cryosinternational.com


First4Adoption is the national adoption information service for anyone interested in adopting a child in England. If you have a question about whether you could apply to be an adoptive parent, or if you want to know where to begin the adoption process, call our friendly trained advisors on 0300 222 0022 and they will be able to give you the information that you need. We can also put you in touch with Local Authority and Voluntary adoption agencies in your area. First4Adoption is run by the charities Coram Children’s Legal Centre, Coram and Adoption UK. We are funded and supported by the Department for Education. | www.first4adoption.org.uk


Researching fertility treatments and clinics can be daunting. We’re here to help. We are the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the government regulator of UK fertility clinics. For 25 years we have been setting standards for clinics and inspecting them to make sure they meet these standards. We publish comprehensive information about fertility treatments, about the clinics we regulate and how to choose the best one for you – all available on our website at www.hfea.gov.uk. Visit our stand to find out how we can help you. | www.hfea.gov.uk

Sandiego Fertility Center

Located in Southern California, San Diego Fertility Center is an internationally recognized fertility treatment center. SDFC’s infertility specialists are named among the top fertility doctors by a variety of publications, and are leaders in IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), egg donation, egg freezing, ICSI, male infertility and PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). SDFC’s is committed to offering cutting-edge technology in a private and personal environment. The center is easily accessible from local communities including La Jolla and Encinitas or points further like Murrieta and Temecula. SDFC welcomes out-of-state patients and provides fertility tourism and fertility travel accommodations for patients all over the world. | www.sdfertility.com

CT Fertility

CT Fertility, located in Trumbull, CT; New York, NY and Barcelona, Spain, has been a leader in fertility for the last 25 years. CT Fertility has become widely recognized in the USA and Europe as a preeminent fertility center for advanced reproductive care of infertile couples, singles and same-sex individuals alike requiring IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Since 1991, CT Fertility has provided comprehensive, effective fertility treatments, to patients around the globe, which have resulted in hundreds of babies annually. CT Fertility provides a variety of egg donation and surrogacy programs to suit everyone’s needs, as well as the most advanced In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Embryo Preservation, and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) techniques. | www.ctfertility.com

London Sperm Bank

The London Sperm Bank is the UK’s premier sperm bank providing donor sperm without a wait.

Our online donor catalogue enables women to choose donors from a variety of backgrounds.


London Egg Bank

The London Egg Bank was opened in 2013 by the team behind the London Women’s Clinic and London Sperm Bank to encourage egg donation in the UK. Demand for donor eggs in the UK still outstrips supply and the London Egg Bank aims to increase the number of women coming forward as egg donors.




Surrogacy Management

At Surrogacy Management, we provide a tailor-made service offering guidance and management through the surrogacy process. The founder, Dr. Neven Wassall, is based in London and can take you through each stage of your surrogacy journey, one step at a time. We take great pride in ensuring that you receive the most professional and discreet service. At Surrogacy Management, we only work with very carefully selected experts located in California, with many years of experience. We are not tied to any single provider, which enables us to be completely impartial and gives us access to a wider choice of egg donors, surrogates and clinics. | www.surrogacymanagement.com


ORM has been building families globally through IVF, donor eggs and surrogacy for more than 25 years.  ORM is recognised for its consistently high live birth success rates and personalised care.  Our commitment to provide the best and most advanced care possible extends to every element of patient care – including our industry-leading embryology and genetics laboratories; advanced screening of our in-house egg donors; cutting-edge genetic and chromosomal testing available to patients; and customised treatment protocols designed to optimise outcomes.  In recent years ORM has experienced a more than 90% live birth rate with more than 70% twins in our donor egg surrogacy program. | www.oregonreproductivemedicine.com/united-kingdom/

Northwest Surrogacy Center

Northwest Surrogacy Center was founded in 1994 by attorneys specializing in surrogacy and adoption and is the leading surrogacy program on the West Coast. NWSC is dedicated to helping a wide range of people create the families they have dreamed of by matching intended parents with caring, responsible surrogates. We provide unparalleled service throughout the surrogacy process, from the application process to the birth and beyond. In addition to its flagship office in Portland, Oregon, NWSC also has an office in the heart of San Francisco, California. | www.nwsurrogacycenter.com

Lifebridge Agency

LifeBridge Agency is an international surrogacy agency located in Barcelona, Spain. We provide consulting and organizational services for the intended parents looking for surrogacy. Our agency operates in two countries: US (California, Nevada and Idaho) and Russia (Moscow). Being one of the biggest and the most trustworthy agencies in Spain and having our own clinic in Moscow (Nova Clinic), we enjoy positive and long-term experience in implementing surrogacy programs for the intended parents from all over the world! | lifebridgeagency.com/

Fertility Road

FERTILITY ROAD is Europe’s leading and most successful Fertility magazine. Launched in 2010 to break down the misinformation of science around fertility and pregnancy, engaging and empowering readers with brilliant and inspiring features, interviews and recommendation. It aims to provide an A to Z resource to people struggling with infertility and provide information on other options like Adoption, Fostering and Surrogacy and is hailed as the most comprehensive and informative fertility magazine in the global market. | www.fertilityroad.com


StorkKlinik was founded by midwife Nina Stork in 1999 and its reputation & results have been thriving each year. StorkKlinik is situated in the heart of romantic Copenhagen, visited by thousands of clients from many parts of the world, treated by highly qualified doctors, embryologists, midwifes and nurses, the various treatments performed with “Stork values”: compassion, encouragement and gentleness. | www.storkklinik.dk

Hope Springs Fertility

With her unique background as a high profile criminal defence lawyer for 20 years and, extraordinary journey as an Intended Parent, Cindy Wasser offers an unparalleled service to Intended Parents, Surrogates and Donors.   Her firm, Hope Springs Fertility™ Law is the largest and one of the leading firms in Canada with an extensive international clientele. Cindy prepares contracts between Intended Parents and their surrogates and donors and obtains the Declaration of Parentage quickly and efficiently, once the baby is born making her clients’ journey as simple as possible.  Cindy has been called upon to provide legal advice to other fertility lawyers, medical practitioners and, consultant agencies. Cindy has lectured about fertility law at numerous international conferences; medico-legal conferences and; at hospitals and is published in a leading medical journal. Contact Cindy for a free consultation: cindy@hopespringsfertilitylaw.com | www.hopespringsfertilitylaw.com


Cafcass is a social work organisation, representing children in family court proceedings. We make sure that children’s voices are heard and that decisions are taken in their best interests. In surrogacy cases, the court will appoint one of our practitioners to act as a Parental Order Reporter. Their role is to help the court decide whether to make a parental order, considering the child’s welfare throughout their life. We also provide information about parental orders, including why they are so important for intended parents and surrogates, and practical information about how to apply. | www.cafcass.gov.uk

Donor Conception Network

The Donor Conception Network is an organisation offering support to anyone considering using donor sperm, eggs or embryos to create their family wherever they are having, or have had, treatment.  We welcome same-sex couples, single men and women and heterosexual couples and offer contact and community with other families. | www.dcnetwork.org

Agora Clinic

The award-winning Agora Fertility Clinic, based in Hove, has been offering friendly advice and expert fertility treatment to couples and individuals for more than 10 years. Our success rates are among the best in the country and our specialist team, led by Consultant Gynaecologist Carole Gilling-Smith, is on hand to guide you every step of the way. As well as offering support with the medical and emotional issues involved in alternative parenting, we can also help you access specialist legal advice. | www.agoraclinic.co.uk


Brethertons is a pioneering legal services provider practising all areas of commercial and private client law. With 17 partners, the firm has been part of the community for over 200 years and we are renowned not just for our legal expertise, but also our caring attitude and dedication towards customers. With dedicated lawyers advising on the legal issues which surround alternative parenting, what makes us different is the expertise we have developed in complex and niche areas of law, giving us a national reputation to complement our regional success as a refreshingly forward-thinking law firm. | www.brethertons.co.uk

The Cornerstone Partnership

The Cornerstone Partnership is a social enterprise organisation funded by the Department for Education and working in partnership with local authorities and voluntary adoption and fostering agencies offering training, mentoring, support and recruitment. Our mentors provide support for parents on their adoption journey and our learning programme takes the best practice and latest developments in the field of adoption and foster caring delivering this in an innovative and adopter/carer-friendly way, via face-to-face and online media. | www.thecornerstonepartnership.com



Surrogacy UK is a not-for-profit organisation supporting surrogacy in the UK. Our ethos is “friendship first” and we strongly believe friendship provides the best basis for a successful surrogacy journey. We provide information and advice for surrogates and intended parents as well as having a strong community of peer support. | www.surrogacyuk.org

Molly O’Brien

Molly O’Brien has worked in the field of Assisted Reproduction since 2005.  In that time, she worked for an Egg Donation Agency and a Surrogacy Agency where she became familiar with all aspects of in-vitro fertilization and egg donation, including the financial aspects of surrogacy.  Since becoming an attorney in 2011, she has gained extensive experience in drafting and negotiating Surrogacy Contracts, Egg Donation and Sperm Donation Contracts, and Embryo Donation Contracts on behalf of her clients throughout the world.

Beverly Hills Egg Donation

Beverly Hills Egg Donation works with the top fertility clinics in the U.S., and with clients worldwide. We provide a caring, consultative approach to help you through the egg donation process. If you’re looking for a professionally-run egg donor agency with a top-notch staff and educated, healthy pre-screened egg donors, you’ve come to the right place. | www.bhed.com

Pride Angel

Erika Tranfield co-founder of Pride Angel the leading parenting connection website for single, gay and infertile couples wishing to become parents. As a scientist with personal experience of raising her daughter conceived using a known donor within a same-sex family, Erika is passionate about providing people with unbiased advice about their fertility options. Whether it be finding or becoming a known sperm or egg donor, she believes that openness within donor conceived families, benefits all involved and ultimately the future children. | prideangel.com

Gay Surrogacy UK

Gay Surrogacy UK is a support group and website for those who wish to be or are gay parents. The group is run by gay parents and was set up in 2011. It has grown into a national forum in the UK for gay men having babies through surrogacy. | www.gaysurrogacy.co.uk

2016 Alternative Parenting Show Community Partners