2017 1-2-1 Confidential Advice

Some of the exhibitors at the My Future Family Show are also offering free 1-2-1 confidential advice with experts in their fields.

This is a great opportunity to get some initial information without a costly consultation fee, enabling you to work out if they are able to offer you the support that you need to create your future family.

VIP and fast track ticket holders will be able to pre-book these appointments ahead of the show (an email will be sent out on 12 September asking for choices).

The 1-2-1 adviser sessions will be announced in late August 2017. Pre-booked appointments for Fast Track and VIP ticket holders will be booked in the week before the show.

Confirmed exhibitors offering 1-2-1 confidential advice so far are:

  • London Women’s Clinic (Fertility Clinic)
  • Dawson Cornwell (Family Law Firm)
  • First 4 Adoption (Adoption)
  • CARE Fertility (Fertility Clinic)

To find out more about these exhibitors, please visit the exhibitor page.

Dr Nair from London Women’s Clinic is offering free 15 minute consultations at 10:15, 10:35, 10:55, 11:15 11:35, 11:55 and 12:15.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, QC (Hon) and Colin Rogerson are offering free 15 minute consultations at 10:30, 10:50, 11:10, 11:30, 11:50, 12:10, 13:00, 13:20 and 13:40. Dawson Cornwell can provide essential legal advice on Surrogacy, Co-parenting, Donor conception, LGBT Parenting.

Miss Amanda Tozer MB, BCh, MRCOG,  Medical Director, CARE Fertility London is offering free 15 minute consultations at 10:30, 10:50, 11:10, 12:30, 12:50, 13:10, 14:30, 14:50 and 15:10.

Mr Efstathios Theodorou MRCOG, Consultant Gynaecologist,  CARE Fertility London is offering free 15 minute consultations at 11:30, 11:50, 12:10, 13:30, 13:50, 14:10, 15:30, 15:50 and 16:10.

Amanda Minogue, Gemma Gordon-Johnson, Deborah Gadsby and Paul Sutton are offering 20 minute consultations  at 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00 and 14:30. First 4 Adoption can provide expert information on who can adopt, choosing an adoption agency, the adoption assessment process, about children who need adoptive families and how children are matched to families.

Pre-booked appointments for Fast Track and VIP ticket holders will be booked in the week before the show. General ticket holders can book remaining slots on the morning at the stand.

Expert Biographies

Shailaja Nair | Deputy Clinical Director, London Women’s Clinic

Shailaja Nair is Deputy Clinical Director of the LWC and has more than 20 years experience in fertility and assisted reproduction. Before joining the LWC, she worked as Associate Professor in a large teaching hospital and at the Cromwell IVF programme before joining the LWC in 1993. Dr Nair has extensive experience in all aspects of assisted conception, with a special interest in the egg-sharing and gamete donation programmes. She is the Person Responsible to the HFEA for the LWC programme in Darlington.

Colin Rogerson | Senior Associate, Dawson Cornwell

Colin Rogerson is highly regarded for his expertise in the law relating to surrogacy, assisted reproduction and family formation. He regularly advises clients who are undertaking surrogacy arrangements both internationally and within the UK. He is frequently appointed to represent children born through a surrogacy arrangement. Colin also advises in disputes involving donor conception, LGBT parenting and co-parenting cases.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson | Dawson Cornwell

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, QC (Hon) is an expert in the legal issues arising from surrogacy, international surrogacy and co-parenting arrangements. She advises in respect of complex domestic and international adoption applications and legal issues arising from the creation and implementation of surrogacy arrangements under The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008.

Miss Amanda Tozer MB, BCh, MRCOG | Medical Director, CARE Fertility London

Miss Amanda Tozer is a consultant Gynaecologist and subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine. Amanda has 20 years experience in the management of couples with subfertility and has both published work and presented at national and international conferences on subfertility. Amanda also has experience in the surgical management of subfertility including the surgical management of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, hydrosalpinges and uterine anomalies such as adhesions, polyps and fibroids.

Mr Efstathios Theodorou MRCOG | Consultant Gynaecologist, CARE Fertility London

Mr Theodorou has been a fertility Consultant for many years. He has extensive experience in all aspects of Reproductive Medicine (female reproductive endocrinology, subfertility and assisted conception), he has personally managed hundreds of IVF cycles including cycles with mild stimulation and natural cycle IVF.

First 4 Adoption

First4Adoption is the national adoption information service for England. Our friendly team of advisers are adoptive parents and adoption professionals. If you have a question about your suitability to adopt, want to know how to begin the process, or would like information about any aspect of adoption, we’d love to talk to you. We look forward to meeting you.