2017 Exhibitors

Feedback from visitors is that our show is a friendly, supportive and intimate space that is conducive to finding the information needed to make the best choice in starting the journey to a family. We work with our exhibitors to ensure that the aims are aligned and we can offer the best way to link visitors and suppliers. In 2016 we introduced 1-2-1 adviser slots which were praised by both exhibitors and visitors. In 2017 we also add pop up presentations to increase the information available.

Find out more below about who will be at our 2017 My Future Family Fertility Show:


London Women’s Clinic | Fertility Partner

London Women's Clinic logoThe LWC provides IVF and fertility treatments to help couples and individuals overcome their difficulties with conception and pregnancy. We have been treating lesbian couples and single women for over a decade with more than 3000 women attending our clinics across the UK for treatment with donor sperm.

Website: londonwomensclinic.com | Twitter: LWCFertility | Facebook: TheLondonWomensClinic

Dawson Cornwell | Legal Partner

This user friendly divorce and family law firm has a team of lawyers who are widely acknowledged as experts in the legal issues surrounding the creation of families by alternative means.  They advise and represent couples and single parents, in the UK and internationally. Their knowledge and experience cover all areas of law arising from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 including international and domestic surrogacy, donor conception, LGBT parenting and co-parenting as well as domestic and international adoption.

Website: dawsoncornwell.com | Twitter: Dawson_Cornwell

First 4 Adoption | Fostering & Adoption Partner

First4Adoption LogoFirst4Adoption is the national adoption information service for anyone interested in adopting a child in England. If you have a question about whether you could apply to be an adoptive parent, or if you want to know where to begin the adoption process, call our friendly trained advisors on 0300 222 0022 and they will be able to give you the information that you need. We can also put you in touch with Local Authority and Voluntary adoption agencies in your area. First4Adoption is run by the charities Coram Children’s Legal Centre, Coram and Adoption UK. We are funded and supported by the Department for Education.

Website: first4adoption.org.uk | Twitter: First4Adoption

Fertility Road Magazine | Media Partner

Fertility Road logoFertility Road Magazine is a bi-monthly title available in print and digital for couples or individuals looking to start a family. Featuring the leading fertility experts, surrogacy specialists, and complimentary therapies. Also features male fertility, nutrition and real life stories. We offer our readers advice, support, education and hope to those in need.

Website: www.fertilityroad.com | Twitter: fertilityroad | Facebook: fertilityroadmag

P3.Proud. Professional.Parents | Alternative Family Week Partner

P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. (P3) was created to help fill a gap in support available for ambitious professionals who happen to be LGBT and are either parents or looking to become parents. Many organisations offer support to their employees via established LGBT and Family networks. Unfortunately, the parenting agenda is often too niche for most LGBT networks and the LGBT angle too nuanced for the Family networks. P3 looks to fill this gap. P3 is also proud of its more general work at role-modelling LGBT and non-traditional families in society.

Website: www.thep3network.co.uk | Twitter: P3Parents | Find out more about Alternative Family Week

If you would like to exhibit at the show, please get in touch for more information.

Platinum Exhibitors

Oregan Reproductive | Surrogacy and egg donation

ORM is one of the world’s most experienced IVF clinics for surrogacy and egg donation. For nearly 30 years, we have been helping intended parents from some 40 countries build their families. ORM and our team of more than 125 professionals are recognised globally for consistently high live birth success rates and personalised care. ORM’s commitment to provide the best and most advanced care possible extends to every element of patient care. With ORM Donors we provide our patients a pool of fully and rigorously-screened egg donors. Through our ORM Surrogacy program we are experts in helping patients that are working with a surrogate as part of their family building. With ORM Genomics we provide our patients the most advanced reproductive genomics program to help them have the best chance of a healthy baby on their first attempt. | www.oregonreproductivemedicine.com/united-kingdom/

CARE Fertility | Fertility clinic

CARE Fertility logoOur expertise and experience is unparalleled. We have been making babies for over 20 years – with nearly 30,000  CARE babies born so far. If you are looking for discretion, privacy and support with the best in bespoke fertility treatment, call CARE London – or visit us at the show. What matters to us is that all our patients receive quality individualised care for the best outcome possible. The reassurance of a world-class clinic, combined with boutique – style care.  www.carefertility.com | www.facebook.com/CAREfertilityglobal/  | www.twitter.com/CARE_Fertility

Gold Exhibitors

European Sperm Bank | Sperm bank

European Sperm Bank logoThe European Sperm Bank/Nordic Cryobank provides fertility clinics world wide with donor sperm from both Open and Anonymous donors of the absolute highest quality. We know that the testing and screening of donors is important to patients and clinics so we exceed the EU Tissue Directive in many areas. Furthermore, our laboratory ensures that the sperm quality lives up to the highest standards in the industry and we routinely receive comments from clients that our sperm quality is far better than what they usually see.
The London Egg Bank logoLondon Egg Bank | Egg freezing

The London Egg Bank was opened in 2013 to facilitate egg donation in the UK.

It is the first egg bank in the UK to have an online catalogue function with both fresh and frozen donor eggs available. | www.londoneggbank.com

London Sperm Bank logoLondon Sperm Bank | Sperm bank

The London Sperm Bank provides the UK’s largest single source of donor sperm for the treatment of infertility.

The LSB has based its donor recruitment on branding and customer service, and can now give fertility patients a wide catalogue choice of donor sperm.


Cryos International

Cryos is the world’s largest sperm bank and is located in Denmark. Cryos offers donor sperm from the world’s largest selection of donors of all phenotypes. This year Cryos is celebrating our 30 years anniversary and our many years of experience with supply to more than 100 countries has resulted in the world’s highest number of registered pregnancies. Cryos offers: – FREE online donor search  – Quality that meets the needs of your fertility treatment – Reservation before treatment and for future siblings – English speaking customer service – Easy online ordering – Safe & fast delivery. | dk.cryosinternational.com

Diagrama | Adoption

Diagrama Foundation is a UK charity supporting vulnerable children, young people and adults. Together with our foster carers and adopters we help create brighter futures for children who’ve had the most challenging start to life. We’re there to help our adopters every step of the way, offering comprehensive, expert training and round-the-clock support. We focus on finding loving, secure homes for harder to place children, those who wait the longest. Our service is rated GOOD by Ofsted. | www.diagramafoundation.org.uk

CReATe IVF | Fertility

CReATe Fertility Centre is an internationally recognized organization that provides state of the art Assisted Reproductive care for the everyone who wishes to have a family including single, unmarried and LGBT intended parents. As part of this vision, CReATe offers a caring and compassionate environment for our patients including the exclusive Babies Come True service that help and support CReATe’s future parents on their Canadian journey. CReATe is proud to provide non discriminatory services to patients from all over the globe and is recognized as a leader in the ART field. | www.babiescometrue.com

ICRM | Fertility

The Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine (ICRM) was established in 1998 as the first nationally certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility center in Idaho. ICRM is known both locally and internationally as one of the top choices for patients choosing third party reproduction cycles–using its in-house anonymous ovum donors, gestational carriers, or both–in their journey towards building a family. We  have high success rates and are highly competent in managing third party cycles and make the process simple from beginning to end, with turnkey services and a 100% guarantee financial treatment package. | www.IdahoReproductive.com

Silver Exhibitors

Complete Fertility Centre | Fertility clinic

Our goal at Complete Fertility Centre Southampton is to make your dream of having a baby a reality. We have an established reputation of providing first-class, research-based individualised and compassionate fertility care amongst single women, same-sex and heterosexual couples. We have excellent success rates and fixed price packages for peace of mind. Patients can access our high quality sperm and egg bank for rigorously screened donors. Same sex couples can choose mutual parenting through egg sharing so that both partners are directly involved in the creation of their baby. | www.completefertility.co.uk

Irwin Mitchell | Legal

Irwin Mitchell is a national law firm recognised as one of the country’s leading family law teams, with the expertise to advise you on the legal side of expanding your family. We can help minimise the stress so that you can focus on what matters to you. Our family lawyers specialise in a variety of areas including surrogacy, co-parenting, child arrangements, adoption orders and much more. You are invited to come to speak with us at the Show and we can explain to you further how we can guide you forwards, with an expert hand and a human touch, as you embark on your exciting path that lies ahead.

Adopt Berkshire | Adoption

Adopt Berkshire is the local authority adoption service for Bracknell, West Berkshire, Windsor & Maidenhead and Wokingham who arrange adoptions for children from our areas who can no longer be cared for by their birth family.  We will consider applications from prospective adopters within a two hour radius of Reading.

North London Adoption and Fostering Consortium | Fostering & Adoption

The north London adoption and fostering consortium is a partnership of six local authority adoption and fostering agencies: Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey and Islington.

We are a specialist adoption and fostering service across the North London area who work together to recruit adopters and foster carers for our children, offering the best possible support and preparation to adopters and foster carers.

www.adoptionnorthlondon.co.uk and www.fosteringnorthlondon.co.uk

TimeLess | Fertility Exhibition

An education exhibition around fertility. Featuring a mindfulness pod where you can listen to other peoples’ experiences around fertility, age and also complementary support such as mindfulness, EFT, meditation, etc.

Find out more about the Timeless Fertility Exhibition

My Beehive | Fertility Resource

If you are thinking of trying for a baby, trying to conceive or going through fertility treatment , My Beehive is the perfect place to help you along your way. It is a resource hub of information and knowledge, providing you with gentle support and guidance, for whatever part of the baby making journey you may be on.

My Beehive provides an emotional and nutritional support package for individuals and couples who are trying to conceive or who may be undergoing fertility treatment.


Community Exhibitors

Pride Angel | donors

The leading parenting connection website for single, gay and infertile couples wishing to become parents. As a scientist with personal experience of raising her daughter conceived using a known donor within a same-sex family, Erika is passionate about providing people with unbiased advice about their fertility options. Whether it be finding or becoming a known sperm or egg donor, she believes that openness within donor conceived families, benefits all involved and ultimately the future children. | prideangel.com

Donor Conception Network | donors

The Donor Conception Network is an organisation offering support to anyone considering using donor sperm, eggs or embryos to create their family wherever they are having, or have had, treatment.  We welcome same-sex couples, single men and women and heterosexual couples and offer contact and community with other families. | www.dcnetwork.org

Fertile Mindset | complementary support

Fertile Mindset offers support using the powerful technique EFT. Sarah Holland has 17 years of experience helping negotiate the emotional rollercoaster of fertility issues. She believes it is possible for anyone to transform their fertility journey into a more positive experience. Sarah’s support is available via Skype and phone consultations and within online support groups. After her own fertility challenges Sarah is now a mum to two boys.


Gay Surrogacy UK | Support and Social Group

Gay Surrogacy UK is the website of a support group for those who wish to be or are gay parents. The group is run by gay parents. It was set up in 2011 and has grown into a national forum in the UK for gay men having babies through surrogacy. There was little, if any, support and information available for prospective gay surrogacy parents when we began our journey into parenthood; it felt like a unique experience. | http://gaysurrogacy.co.uk

Finestripe Productions Ltd | Co-Parenting

Finestripe Productions are producing a new documentary for BBC2 about the growing number of people in the UK who are choosing to conceive and raise a baby with a platonic partner.

The documentary will explore the dynamics of platonic parenting, as well as the legal, financial and emotional support available. | www.finestripe.com

Conscious Co-parenting & Alternative Parents | Co-Parenting

Conscious Coparenting and Single Parenting events are for anyone looking to meet others interested in finding about more about becoming a co-parent, the sliding scale from donor to co-parent and for single parents looking to meet others.


Virtual Exhibitors

BHED | Egg Donation

Beverly Hills Egg Donation works with the top fertility clinics in the U.S., and with clients worldwide. We provide a caring, consultative approach to help you through the egg donation process. If you’re looking for a professionally-run egg donor agency with a top-notch staff and educated, healthy pre-screened egg donors, you’ve come to the right place. | www.bhed.com

My Future Family Show Supporters

Each year, a number of websites, companies, organisations and groups promote the show. This is essential in getting out into the community to spread the word about the show. In 2017 we are supported by: