Co-parenting networking at the My Future Family Show

Come along to the My Future Family and join the networking at 3.30pm after the co-parenting seminar at 3pm. A chance to talk about how co-parenting works and to meet other people considering co-parenting.

The Co-parenting network is being led by Conscious Co-Parenting with the support of Pride Angel.

What is Co-Parenting

The definition of family has changed in recent years with many types of family set ups. No longer is a family unit considered as just a mother and a father with one or more children. Now co-parenting is rewriting it completely. These parents have relationships based on legal agreements and counselling rather than dates, romance and sex, and can even have more than 2 parents in the family unit. But they all have one thing in common: the desire to have a child.

Co-parenting by choice, or conscious co-parenting is popular both with the LGBT community, but also with single people who want a family but haven’t med their ideal partner (or perhaps don’t want one!).

Finding a partner is the challenge. You need to find someone who has the same parenting ideals and similar ethics. Thankfully there are websites and community groups that facilitate potential co-parents.