Timeless Exhibition

Timeless is a fictional wellness brand created to educate, support and engage in conversations around fertility. Timeless is appearing at My Future Family to share and collect stories and insights from visitors.

Stop by our interactive exhibition to find out how others have navigated their fertility journey, listen to stories from people attending the show, or step into our relaxation pod and share your advice for others.

Timeless exhibition mindfullness pod Timeless exhibition Timeless exhibition

More information about Timeless

Timeless exhibitionThe aim of Timeless is to capture and share different experiences of the fertility journey to broaden understanding of the impact of infertility and reproductive technologies on our lives – from wellbeing and the body, to relationships and personal identity.

Together with the University of Cambridge Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc) and the London School of Economics (LSE), Timeless is at My Future Family to share and collect stories and insights from visitors on their experiences of fertility and fertility technologies, in order to better understand their impact.

On the Timeless stands visitors will find a range of personal experiences and insights to read and listen to, alongside interesting ways to leave their stories and thoughts. Everything has come from people with direct experience of fertility treatment, and all the research is anonymous.

Activities on the Timeless stands include:

Timeless exhibitionSampling the Supplements

A range of fictional supplements that share how people have navigated their fertility journey, plus a chance to add experiences to the range.

Reflecting in the Relaxation Message Pod

Visitors can step into the relaxation pod for a short spa treatment and the chance to anonymously record their story.

Experiencing an Insight Infusion

A listening bar with audio stories and advice from men and women sharing their personal fertility experiences.

Timeless has been created by engagement consultancy The Liminal Space. Timeless uses the vehicle of a fictional brand to engage and educate the general public. The first iteration of the Timeless pop-up shop opened in March 2016 in London’s Old Street Station, focusing on raising conversations on fertility and egg freezing. Subsequent iterations have widened the conversation to build deeper understanding of the impact of fertility technologies and decision making.