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Before our civil partnership, we agreed that we wanted kids but did not talk it through in detail. My boyfriend is now insisting that we use a surrogate whereas I want to adopt and take a child out of the care system as well as save the large amount of money we would have to pay a surrogate. How can I persuade him this is a more moral choice? P Barling

I would say it is an altruistic choice rather than a moral one. It is after all, a biological imperative to want to replicate one’s genes and maybe your boyfriend feels this urge stronger than you.

You could try a short care placement and foster a child first, to see how you both feel about having a child in your life full time. That way, your boyfriend will get some insight into caring for a child who is not biologically related and he may be able to see that he could give care and love to a child who is not his own.

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