Banking on it

Sperm bank Cryos can make your parenting dreams come true…

It started with a strange dream about frozen sperm that Ole Schou, the founder of Cryos International, had back in 1981. After this, he read everything published on the subject and soon became one of the leading experts in the field, starting Cryos International – Denmark: the largest sperm bank in the world today.

For more than 25 years, Cryos has helped people to build families all over the world  and now supplies more than 70 countries.

Cryos International Sperm Bank is a tissue centre licensed under the EU Tissue Directive and can therefore ship tested and screened donor sperm to private customers all over Europe and the UK. Cryos offers donor sperm that meets your type of treatment, whether it is home insemination or treatment at a clinic, and they supply donor sperm to both single women, lesbian and heterosexual couples.

Free online access to the donors’ profiles

You can choose from the most comprehensive selection of more than 400 anonymous and non-anonymous donors, each with a basic or an extended profile. The basic and the extended profiles differ in how much personal donor information is available, along with the availability of baby images, audio clips, emotional intelligence tests and the impression of the staff. Cryos operates within a wide range of legal standards according to country law.

For Cryos, quality and a professional personal service are of outmost importance. The Cryos customer service team will be happy to help and to guide you in your decision-making process.

For more information visit or look at the Cryos movies under the resources section of their website.

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