Birth is a cabaret!

If you’re thinking of starting a family, there are definitely benefits to shopping around – and that can often mean researching what other countries have on offer.

For lesbian couple Frankie and Nisha, Berlin ended up being the location where their young family took shape. After several attempts to start a family in the UK they decided to look into alternative options. The long and difficult road to pregnancy was emotionally challenging, and finding the magic combination of an appropriate donor and an encouraging doctor was proving difficult.

Friends told the couple about the Berlin Sperm Bank and the women decided to give it a try. They found that Berlin’s ambience suited them immediately and they lapped up the city’s culture. Their doctor was forthcoming and kind as well as competent and reassuring. They found two possible donors and started the procedure on the next cycle. Luckily Frankie’s cycle was very regular so travelling arrangements fitted easily around it. The process was carried out three times, and to give them the best possible chance of success the couple decided to undergo IVF as well. Though not suited to everyone, this route worked for Frankie and Nisha.

At a reasonable cost (cheaper than the UK including travel expenses) the couple is now expecting a baby. The women arrived in Berlin on day 11 and egg pick-up was on day 13. The embryo transfer was not carried out because of time and travel restrictions but the embryos were frozen. On the next cycle the couple got to Berlin on day 16 and the transfer took place on day 19. Soon after, Frankie found out she was pregnant. Four more embryos are waiting at the Berlin Sperm Bank to be used when they wish to add to their family.

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