Britain’s first dedicated egg bank opens at this year’s show

At this year’s Alternative Parenting Show, Britain’s first dedicated egg bank is opening, at Stand 34 called The London Egg Bank. The team will be talking about how this brand new service can benefit anyone looking to use donor eggs to have a baby. We are also keen to talk to women who have thought about becoming a donor – this is now much simpler and includes £750 to cover each donor’s time and expenses involved.

For those women who are not yet ready to start a family, we will be offering egg storage services. Thanks to the new cryopreservation technology of vitrification, ‘social egg freezing’ is becoming an increasingly popular option for many women hoping to prevent the onset of age-related infertility later in their lives.

Over recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of donor eggs needed in this country. Unfortunately, this has now led to a shortage of eggs, which has meant that many women have had to travel overseas, where there is a greater supply of donor eggs available. But this can be expensive and carries potential risks, as there are some clinics that may not be properly

regulated. After making the important decision to find an egg donor, it is only natural that women want reassurance that they are receiving the best quality service, and that they have as much information as possible about the donor.

We have opened The London Egg Bank as sister to The London Sperm Bank, to help meet this ever-growing demand for donor eggs. It will attract a new generation of egg donors: largely young women who choose to donate their eggs because they recognise how valuable this can be to help women who want to become mums but are experiencing infertility.

The experience of our clinicians is that many women who choose to become egg donors have seen infertility at close hand among their friends and family, or simply wish to give something back in a gesture
of altruism. Most donors have children of their own and are in settled family relationships.

We will be running introduction evenings for potential donors and recipients in the autumn, but in the meantime, do come and talk to our experts on the stand and take a look at The London Egg Bank website at

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