Future Family Awards

Future Family AwardsAs a response to the increasing diversity of patients looking to create their future families by alternative methods, we organise an annual fertility show which brings together a variety of providers who are actively looking to reach out to these alternative customers such as LGBT parents, single parents, older parents and more recently co-parents. We have 9 years of experience in this field, and we have seen the availability of information grow.

Our aims are to promote good practice and stimulate competition in all areas of alternative families to ensure that choice, as well as a high quality of services.  Therefore, in 2017 we are launching the Future Family Awards.

In order to promote those organisations and clinics which provide their patients with the best care and comfort during the treatment and who truly take the time to understand the individual needs and family make up; we award the Future Family Award.

Faced with the huge growth of the fertility market in areas including fertility, surrogacy and fostering & adoption, we wish to appreciate those organisations, clinics, agencies and gamete banks that pay particular attention to the good of their patients in day-to-day operations and not only target, but celebrate and support the huge diversity of the modern family.

Benefits of entering the awards

Top 5s and winners will:

  • be able to showcase their organisation or clinic’s proactive and positive support of diversity and expand their client base.
  • create a positive clinic, agency or bank’s image and lead to a more diverse client base.
  • have an effective promotion opportunity within the various diverse communities.
  • have an opportunity to promote and explain actions taken by the clinic meet diverse clients’ expectations.
  • strengthen their market position as a diverse and modern organisation or clinic, and create an opportunity to stand out in a crowded market.
  • receive official confirmation of the award and a certificate. There will also be a digital logo for use on promotional activities such as brochures and websites.
  • be linked in with press opportunities in the media, as well as in social media and on websites of partner organisations.

The Process

My Future Family reserves the right to vary the entry period if required, at any time during the process.

Deadline for receipt of entries is 31 August 2017.

The Top 5s announcement will take place on Saturday 23 September 2017 at the My Future Family Fertility Show in Central London, UK.

The winners will be announced at an event on Friday 3 November 2017 in Central London, UK.

Nominate a service (as a customer) >>>

Nominate yourself as a clinic or organisation >>>