Case Studies

We understand that reading stories about others who have been through similar situations can be helpful.

Below you will find a number of case studies and interviews with people. We hope you find these useful.

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Amelia and Jane: adopting your partners child from a previous relationship

Amelia already had a child when she met Jayne. The child’s father only knew Amelia for four months and Jayne did not put his name on the birth certificate. He did not want anything to do with the pregnancy. Neither Amelia nor the child has been able to trace him and Amelia never knew his surname. Jayne now wants to adopt the child and become a second parent, having lived with them both for six years.

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Angela Prior: egg sharing

Angela realised she could do something to help women that may be experiencing infertility. She‘d heard that it was possible to donate your eggs, so she started to look into the process involved and how it could be feasible for her as a busy mum.

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