Natural Pregnancy, Natural Birth

Every new parent looks forward to the joy and ecstasy of meeting their child. Whatever happens, birth should be a positive experience, one in which you feel you are in charge and able to make the best choices for you and your baby. Giving birth is an unforgettable experience – both because it means bringing a new life into the world and because it can cause pain and anxiety. There are many options available to help you with pain management, some are done in preparation whilst pregnant, others are tools to help you through labour. Knowledge is power. Having the information you need to help you through labour plays a large part in giving you the birth experience you want.

We help you by looking at just a few:

Water birth

Water has been used as a method of pain relief for hundreds of years providing effective, natural and drug-
free pain relief, whether you are choosing to give birth at home or in hospital. A birthing pool is an invaluable tool when in labour, helping the mother to relax and move easily throughout labour. There are many companies in the UK where you can hire or buy birthing pools, from luxury heated pools to inflatable ‘fill it yourself’ pools, there are lots of options. Look for a company that is local and able to provide you with support. To find out more information search birthing pools on the internet.


Doulas are women who support the pregnant woman and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. This support is practical and emotional but non-medical in nature. A doula is not a medical professional but is trained and experienced in all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Active birth

Active birth is a blend of antenatal information, gentle yoga, relaxation, visualisation, and breathing techniques. During the sessions they talk about birthing positions and optimal feotal positioning, and you will learn all you need to feel prepared to approach the birth of your child with calmness and confidence.


HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method – allows mothers to better understand how their birthing body works. Through eliminating fear and taking themselves into a deep state of relaxation, the mother follows her natural instincts to bring about a calmer and more comfortable birthing experience – just the way nature intended! There are practitioners all over the UK.

Lazy Daisy Birthing

Lazy Daisy Birthing brings yoga-based and active birth movements together to help you during pregnancy. The system offers suggested positions for labour, learning specific birthing breathing methods and relaxation techniques, all of which can be used during the birth to help you bring your baby gently into the world.

National Childbirth Trust classes

NCT antenatal classes cover all aspects of birth, from where to give birth to knowing when your contractions are getting underway. They are the ideal way to find answers to all your questions. The course will provide you with evidence- based information and the skills you need to make decisions about your labour and birth.