Sperm Donation information

Infertility affects around one in six couples in the UK: approximately 3.5 million people. Some of those affected by infertility will need the help of a sperm or egg donor to be given the opportunity to have a family.

As the UK’s independent regulator of fertility treatment and embryo research in the UK, the National Donation Strategy Group oversee the use of donated gametes and license the centres where donation takes place.

The group formed in 2012 with three core objectives:

1. Increase awareness of donation and the information that donors receive.
2. Improve ‘customer service’ that donors receive when they contact clinics.
3. Help donors provide better information about themselves for future families.

Their aim is to bring together a group of people with diverse experiences, including non-licensed donation services, people with experience of blood, organ or tissue donation, as well as those with experience of sperm and egg donation. This includes people with interest in the welfare of donors, patients and donor- conceived people.

The group will operate separately from the Authority but where necessary will be asked to provide advice to the Authority on matters relating to donation.

For further information please email: Donation.Strategy@HFEA.GOV.UK