UK’s first Egg Bank launched

Launched this year, the London Egg Bank is a new initiative to help women who may be experiencing fertility problems. Toyin Jegede, the bank’s Donor Recruitment and Campaigns Coordinator, explains more…

Could you part with less than 3% of your surplus eggs to help an infertile woman achieve 100% happiness?

The London Egg Bank has been opened by the team behind The London Women’s Clinic and The London Sperm Bank to encourage egg donation in the UK. The London Women’s Clinic, established in 1985, pioneered the concept of egg sharing: a technique that made donor eggs available from women having IVF and reduced the number of women on waiting lists for egg donors.

Despite the egg-sharing scheme, demand for egg donors in the UK still far outstrips supply, meaning a growing number of women have to resort to going overseas for fertility treatment. The London Egg Bank aims to increase the number of UK women to come forward as egg donors. An increase in the number of domestic egg donors will reduce the need for UK patients to go overseas for treatment.

Our hope is that more women aged 18-35, having read the story below, make the decision to be that special person that will give hope to others desperate for donor eggs.

Amanda’s story

It wasn’t that I chose a career or a single lifestyle over that of having a family, I just didn’t meet the love of my life until I was 39. I knew that my biological clock had been ticking, but with a husband who had had a vasectomy and a failed reversal, we knew that in order to conceive we would have to go the route of IVF. So, on top of my ageing eggs we also knew that our attempts would necessarily be infrequent. We were indeed about to become the poster children for reproductive disappointment. Over six years we had six ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) attempts using my own eggs, which finally resulted in a longed-for pregnancy. But the loss of the pregnancy at the end of the second trimester was truly devastating and brought home to us that our dream of bearing our own child was realistically over.

So, after much heartache, we began thinking about adoption. Soon, I was well over my worries about rearing a child that was not biologically mine. But, like IVF, adoption is a long and tortuous road, and after almost three years we began running into difficulties. Not knowing what to do, we had three more abortive attempts to conceive using different techniques in three different countries, thus experiencing almost every form of reproductive headache. And it was at this time that we heard about egg donation. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were: that some incredible woman might, after all these years, give us the chance of having the baby we longed for.

The end of our story is that we now have blessed and adored twins. We thank the unbelievable generosity of the donor. There is no doubt about the incredible gratitude we have for those who helped us but mostly to our incredible donor who has changed our lives forever.

If you are 18-35, fit and healthy and free from infectious and hereditary disease why not find out if you could be an egg donor by visiting our website or calling us on 020 7563 4306. In the UK egg donors are reimbursed a flat fee of £750 per donation.

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