Vegas: casino’s, gambling, nightlife, and …fertility?

It should come as no surprise that people holiday in Las Vegas, a city like no other, to experience world-class hotels, nightlife, food and entertainment. But, did you know that people also travel to Las Vegas to be treated at one of the most highly respected fertility centers in the world, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas?

Since 1988, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has helped thousands of couples and individuals achieve the family they desire. Because fertility treatment in the United States does not have the same constraints as many other countries, we can provide a variety of IVF egg donor and surrogacy options including:

  • Unique treatment packages with live birth guarantee
  • A database of pre-screened, available egg donors
  • A network of surrogacy agencies and legal resources
  • SPAR program for HIV+ Men
  • Exceptional success rates
  • International concierge service

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas offers international concierge services to ensure that the travel experience to and from Las Vegas is as easy and as comfortable as possible. For international patients, starting the journey to parenthood is simple. It begins with a complimentary Skype consultation with one of our board certified physicians so there is no need to travel to America for the initial meeting. We have streamlined the process to minimize your travel requirements and once you begin treatment, you are in good hands. Our staff is sensitive to the private nature of the services that they provide and are passionate about making parenthood possible for you and your family.

For more information about The Fertility Center of Las Vegas or to schedule a Complimentary Skype consultation visit us at

The My Future Family Fertility Show offers a chance to spend a day surround by a full range of exhibitors who all focus on helping you to start your family, no matter what journey you decide on. It is friendly and welcoming and you can attend seminars or access free confidential 1-2-1 advice.

For more details about when the My Future Family Fertility Show is next taking place, please check out our Fertility Show page.

The My Future Family Fertility show supports a wide range of alternative family options including:

• Surrogacy • Fertility options for older women • single women • Fostering & adoption • LGBT parenting • Co-parenting by choice

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